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Monday January 19, 2009

OMG I live.

I have aqua hair now. And life has been super busy.

I'm sorry I update my LJ like whooooa and it's like...crickets here. I'll try to be better~

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Tuesday January 06, 2009

Tagged by [info]temptationwaits. And much like her, I need to post something here XD

once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 random things, facts, goals, or habits about yourself. at the end, choose 10 people to be tagged. you can't tag a person who has tagged you.

01. I am miserable if music is on that I don't like (like...abnormally so. I know no one is like "Fuck yeah I hate this song, turn it up!" but I really become unhappy) I dunno why, and I'll do my best to ignore it, but it is seriously like nails on a chalk board for me.

02. I hate the feeling of things pressing down on the edge of my nails, specially my toe nails.

03. My toes get abnormally cold. I have some genetic thing that's related to bad blood circulation I think, that's generally harmless, unless you sleep next to me.

04. I hate scanning art like nothing else. Scanning things in general. I hate scanners.

05. I love buying cute shoes, even though barefoot is my preferred method of living.

06. I do think somethings going to happen in 2012. I really do. And I'm not worried about it in the slightest cause wtf am I going to do to stop it? I do NOT want to b a survivor of an apocalyptic events. (And I also am not convinced it's a bad thing that's going to happen)

07. I judge people on their reaction to Naruto, and other "childish" things. It's a great litmus test for personalities. (And no, it does not come down to "You like it, I like you, you hate it, I hate you." cause hot damn I'd have a lot of dumb friends, and cut a lot of cool people out of my life)

08. I really, really, really wish I had musical talent.

09. I have no will power against buying posters.

10. I wanna own a corvette.

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Sunday December 14, 2008

Ok, so for people wondering WTF is going on, since like...Me, Ju and Syd have discussed it several times but not spread the world...

I am NOT having a Holiday party. Syd is having a new Years Party at her house in Brighton on New Years Eve.

However, I know I wanted to do something Chirstmas-y and less formal, what if we had a movie night at like...Ju's or Amanda's or Syd's or something? (Lol let me offer up your houses) Cause Cody hadn't seen Nightmare before Chirstmas, and I haven't seen A Christmas Story and everyone should see Love Actually even if they have 100 times just cause.

Then we could exchange presents then, and I wouldn't have to worry about keeping everyone's safe over Alex being here and stuff.

We could do it either like THIS Friday or Saturday (19/20) or the Friday and Saturday AFTER Christmas, which would depend on Ju's Las Vegas-ness (Or lack there of). My preference would be THIS weekend...assuming my presents for people get here XD

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